Spicy Cup Pepperoni Pizza

I made pizza to celebrate my egg scrambler’s epic victory at the pinewood derby. Her favorite is pepperoni, and so is mine. When I saw a tub of “spicy cup pepperoni” at Wegman’s I had to find out whether it would crisp and curl the way I would want it to.

It did! It is quite pungent and very salty. I will buy it again over the regular stuff.

The winning car:


Piña Colada Rum Cake

Yesterday I made piña coladas. They tasted ok, but they weren’t frozen or emulsified enough because my blender is not quite up to this task. I had some cream of coconut and pineapple and rum left, so I made the cake you see above. It is very dense and sweet and rummy. I also added some candied ginger which gave it a bit of bite.

Next time I have piña colada makings, I will skip the frozen beverages and make cake.

If you hate filling out your time sheet…