Grill S’mores

I made these grill s’mores.  The foil sits on the cool half of my grill as the coals from dinner die down. This is the easiest and least messy way to make s’mores and they are pretty tasty.  The marshmallows are not charred like proper campfire s’mores, but they do have a bit of a tan. I use dark chocolate. About a minute after I took this picture the s’mores came off the foil and got  their hats. Then we ate them. 

S’mores are famously not snooty. They are certainly znooty. 


If you have seen a certain Pixar movie you know that ratatouille is the znootiest of all French vegetable stews.  At the end of the movie a znooty food critic has a trippy flashback upon eating a particulary znooty layered ratatouille.  Andi makes hers the old fashioned way, in a dutch oven…


…but first she grills the vegetables!  Oh, Anton Ego, you have no idea what you are missing:



Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Cake

You may remember this list of recipe titles invented by a neural network. Some of the recipes sounded kind of normal, like “Cream Cheese Soup.”  Others are decidedly less so, like “Export Bean Spoons in Pie-Shell, Top If Spoon and Whip The Mustard.”  One recipe title struck me as worth making, so I made it for Andi’s birthday party. 


It was a big hit. Perhaps some day I will make “Crimm Grunk Garlic Cleas.”